Board Members


Appointed By


Term Expiration

Curnell Henry City 1st 6/30/20
Chuck Stafford City 1st 6/30/20
Al Wight City 1st 6/30/19
George Bauer County 1st 6/30/19
Emma Chatmon County 2nd 6/30/18
Stephen Cheney, Jr. County 2nd


Sharon Herring County 2nd 6/30/20
Kathy Keown Smaill Town 1st 6/30/19
Ann McCrickard Smaill Town 1st 6/30/20

Non- Voting Ex-Officios

Terms Expire 6/30/19

Jean Christie

Wiley Grady

Dusty Kornegay

Laine Reichert


Chairman: Al Wight

Vice Chairman: Kathy Keown

Secretary: Emma Chatmon

Treasurer: Stephen Cheney Jr.

The governing body of the Library shall consist of a 9 member Board of Trustees who are appointed to the Library Board by the County Commissioners and with nominations by the city of Thomasville and the mayors of the small towns.

Terms are for three years and may be extended for an additional three years. The terms are on staggered years.

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