One Book Thomas County

One Book Thomas County is South Georgia's first-ever One Book festival. Like so many cities and communities across the country, Thomas County is annually devoting its time and energy into reading one book together as a community. Each year, our county spends a week honoring a selected book and its author(s), conducting a variety of community events designed to get people excited about literacy. Now in its fifth year, One Book continues to bring the entire Thomas County area together with the power of the written word.

2017 Selection

This year, Thomas County is celebrating the southern classic, To Dance with the White Dog, written by award-winning novelist, Terry Kay.


Sam Peek's children are worried. Since that "saddest day" when Cora, his beloved wife of 57 good years, died, no one knows how he will survive. How can this elderly man live alone on his farm? How can he keep driving his dilapidated truck down to the fields to care for his few rows of pecan trees? And when Sam begins telling his children about a dog as white as the pure driven snow (that seems invisible to everyone but him) his children think grief and old age have finally taken their toll.

But whether the dog is real or not, Sam Peek -- "one of the smartest men in the South when it comes to trees" -- outsmarts them all. Sam and the White Dog will dance from the pages of this bittersweet novel and into your heart, as they share the mystery of life, and begin together a warm and moving final rite of passage.


September 7th 2017

To celebrate this year’s selection, join us at The Bookshelf the annual wine and cheese event, on Thursday, September 7, from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Cassandra King, Pat Conroy’s wife, will discuss the importance of southern storytelling and Terry Kay’s contribution to this genre.

September 28th 2017

October 2nd 2017

October 3rd 2017

October 4th 2017

October 5th 2017

Tickets for the author event are $10 and are available for purchase online or in-person at the Thomasville Public Library or downtown at The Bookshelf starting September 1st .

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