Henry Flipper and Conference Room Reservation

The Thomasville Library and Boston Carnegie Library have meeting rooms available for use by the public. To reserve a room, you must first read our meeting room policies and fill out the below registration form.

To reserve a room at the Boston Carnegie Library, please call 498-5101.

Meeting Room Occupancy:

Flipper Room A (120 seating/150 standing) {Room Diagram}

Flipper Room B (120 seating/150 standing) {Room Diagram}

Full Flipper Room (240 seating/300 standing) {Room Diagram}

Conference Room (25 seated)


The branches of the Thomas County Public Library System (“the Library”) have meeting rooms (“the rooms”) available for Library programs, and the Library makes the rooms available to all individuals and organizations within Thomas County subject to the conditions, requirements and restrictions found below.

Permission to use the rooms does not constitute the Library’s endorsement or sponsorship of any program or event for which the rooms are used. The Library’s name shall be used only in reference to location. The Library may cancel, revise or reschedule an Applicant’s scheduled reservation of the rooms upon reasonable notice to the Applicant. An Applicant shall notify the Library of any cancellation on their part as soon as possible.

The following conditions, requirements and restrictions apply to any use of the rooms:

  • Applicant shall complete and submit an application prior to proposed use of the rooms.
  • The Applicant must allow 24 hours for future scheduling confirmations once notice is given for booking a meeting room.
  • Applicant, which is an organization, must have a person sign the application on behalf of the organization that is at least 18 years of age.
  • Applicant shall be the same individual or organization that makes use of the rooms.
  • All state and local fire codes must be observed in addition to any and all other city ordinances, county ordinances, federal or state law.
  • Activites taking place during use of the rooms shall be open to the public; the activity shall not be closed to any person regardless of age, gender, race, religion, national origin, disabling condition or any other legally protected category.
  • Rooms shall be made available to applicants only during the reservation time. Reservation times must allow for set up and clean up.
  • The Applicant shall be financially responsible for any damage to any part of the rooms.
  • Library rooms shall be used to present information which is educational, cultural or civic in nature. Library meeting rooms shall not be used for any commercial purposes or promotional purposes.
  • A collection may be made ONLY if it is to defray the costs of materials. No other money may be collected with the exception of events held by the Friends of the Library.
  • The rooms shall not be used for social gatherings, private parties or private celebrations.
  • The rooms may be scheduled for use during regular operating hours of the Library. All use of the rooms shall end 15 minutes before closing of the Library’s branch.
  • Smoking and/or alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
  • No use of open flames without prior approval by library staff.
  • Food and beverages are only allowed in the Flipper Room.
  • of the room by the Library or the county authorities for any purposes shall be permitted.
  • Library, the Library Board of Directors, and its staff do not assume any liability for individuals or organizations which use the rooms or attend an activity within the rooms.
  • The Library cannot assume responsibility for setting up the room.
  • The Applicant is responsible for leaving the room and kitchen in an orderly fashion. See attached handout.
  • Library reserves the right to deny future access to Library facilities if a group fails to comply with any policy set forth herein.