Summer Reading Challenge 2020

May 26 – July 3rd, 2020

Every year, across all our library branches, we host our Summer Reading Challenge for all ages. This program began as an initiative to help prevent children and teens from falling into the “summer slide” – the period of summer break between school years where they lose the knowledge gained duringget the previous year. Our Challenge is a month-long event that is not only educational, but fun, interactive and full of activity. This way, children keep learning even when they are not at school.


This year, due to the worldwide health situation and the discouragement of large gatherings, we have changed our program from being in-person to being virtual. Our libraries are open for you to come in, register and any activity packets certain events may offer, but all events have been moved to a virtual platfrom. Events will be hosted through Zoom Meeting or pre-recorded to premier on specific days. Materials will also be available online to download and print out from your home.

Here’s how it works!

Children’s Challenge

We are keeping it simple this year, we challenge you children to read for 10 minutes at a time. Read whatever you want! A picture book, Harry Potter, the Captain Crunch cereal box, all that matters is that your child is reading. Simply turn on that timer on your phone and have them read away! (Maybe you read together!)

There are five levels to the challenge, each a total of reading for 200 minutes. After completing each level, your child will receive a raffle ticket to enter the drawing of the prize of their choice. The higher the level, the higher the earned raffle tickets! Each completed level also earns you a mini prize. So:

  • Level 1 – 1 raffle ticket & a mini prize
  • Level 2 – 2 raflle tickets & a mini prize
  • Level 3 – 3 raflle tickets & a mini prize
  • Level 4 – 4 raflle tickets & a mini prize
  • Level 5 – 5 raffle tickets & a mini prize

Last day to submit your completed level sheets by July 2nd. The Grand Prize winners will be announced July 6th.

Children’s Events

Animal Tales – Wild Creatures & Where to Find Them

June 1st – 10.30am & 2.00pm June 2nd – 2.00pm

The caretakers at Animal Tales will be hosting a live program introducing your child to a slew of fanastic creatures. Learn all about and see first hand animals such as boa constrictors, kangaroos, raccoons, chinchillas and more! This event will be hosted via Zoom Meeting. Call us or check our social media for the access code three days prior to the event.

Imagination Island with Ventriloquist Marc Grifftihs

June 8th – 10.30am

Say “hello” to Marc Grifftihs, Britain’s Got Talent finalist and reknowned inspirational ventriloquist! Marc will be showing your children that if they want a happy future then it’s up to them and the choices they make. They learn to think bigger, the secrets of being happy and that anything is possible! The show is creative, funny and very happy! This is a pre-recorded program that will premier June 8th at 10.30am. Check out our YouTube and Facebook for the video if you miss the premier.

Drawing with Illustrator Michael White

June 15th – 10.30am

Learn to draw from the famous artist and children’s book illustrator Michael White! Michael has illustrated multiple bestselling books such as The Library Dragon and Harriet’s Horrible Hair Day. He also illustrated the Georgia Publc Libraries PINES chidlren’s library card. Michael will be teaching all ages tricks of the trade, color techniques and more. All you need is a paper, pencils and a coloring medium of your choice! This event will be hosted live via Zoom Meetings. Call or check our social media accounts for the access password three days prior to the event.

Sitting Like a Frog

10-Minute Mindfulness Practice with Prof. Rich Curtis

Tuesdays – 2.00pm

You may not think it, but children are faced with a lot these days. They are “go-go-go” with days packed full of activity and are often bombarded with sensory overload on a daily basis. Take ten minutes every Tuesday with Thomas University Professor Rich Curtis to help you child find and cultivate their inner calm and develop a little headspace. Stop by the Children’s Department for a Sitting Like a Frog activity to take home. These videos will be available to view on both our YouTube and Facebook.

Bookworm Artists

Wednesdays – 10.30am

Head over to our YouTube or Facebook for a weekly “How-To” art video with our children’s assisant and artist Bre! She will be showing your children how to paint, sketch and create something beautiful in her short 15 minute tutorials. Share your art with us via social media! We want to see what you create! These videos will be available to view on our both our YouTube and Facebook.

Step into a Story

Virtual Story Times – Thursdays – 10.30am

Find yourself in a storybook! Join one of our Children’s Department members for a fun, interactive story. Each week is themed with a fantasful magic creature. Sing along with a song or two, listen to an awesome story and wrap up with a cool craft! We will have the craft ‘Make & Take’ bags available at the Children’s Department check-out desk with everything you need to create the themed activity. Supplies are limited and are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis. These videos will be available to view on both our YouTube and Facebook. Submit and tag a photo of your themed costume for the chance to win the story time book!

Log your minutes with Beanstack! Either head over to our Beanstack site or download the application to track your minutes and earn badges!

Beanstack Tracker

Teen Challenge

You have two options. Choice one (or both!) to play!

  1. Read in 500 page increments to earn raffle tickets for the prize of your choice. Enter the name, author and page count of the book you’ve read on the page count log. Bring your log by for a staff member to sign off on to recieve your raffle tickets. Every 500 pages earns you 2 tickets.
  2. Challenge Packet. This packet comes with (a) two ‘Stuck in my Castle’ bingo cards, (b) two ‘Once Upon a Time’ tv series crossword puzzles, (c) a family tree template and (d) a graphic novel template.

(a) ‘Stuck in my Castle’ Bingo : Complete any row (horizontal, diagonal or vertical) to earn a raffle ticket per row. Black-out the board and earn 15 raffle tickets.

(b) ‘Once Upon a Time’ crossword : Each completed puzzle earns you a raffle ticket.

(c) Family Tree: Complete your Family Tree as far back as your great-great grandparents to earn 15 raffle tickets.

(d) Graphic Novel template : Design and write your own mini graphic novel! Submit your story to earn 15 raffle tickets.

You are welcome to email any completed challenge activities to Tricia Jones if you are more comfortable completeing the challenge from afar! Send all completed challenge activites to :

Adult’s Challenge

Literary Bingo

It’s simple! Grab a Literary Bingo Card and complete the challenges. Create a line (or multiple lines) either vertical, horizontal or diagional to recieve a raffle ticket to the submit to the drawing of your prize of choice. Each line earns one ticket and a black-out earns 15 tickets. Complete are many Bingo cards as you wish for your chance to win! Prizes will be awarded July 6th.

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