Doing Business with the Library

Information for suppliers and vendors interested in working with the Library.

Request for Proposals (RFPs)

Thomas County Public Library E-Rate Program

The Thomas County Public Library System is seeking proposals for proposals for E-Rate Eligible Symmetrical (Synchronous) Internet Services.


RFP Questions and Answers

Q. In Section B of the RFP it states: “Service Provider will provide all necessary rackmount equipment, IP addresses, connections, routers, basic firewalls, etc. needed for Internet Access at the library.” Is it mandatory that the service provider provides a “router” and “basic firewall” at your facility location at 201 North Madison Street?

A. No, it’s not required to provide both. It’s whatever equipment that is required to allow the library Internet Access at each of its six locations. If the firewall is a separate optional item, you can include that pricing as an option, but that is not required.

Q. Also, I did not see any reference to CIPA Filtering. Are we to assume that the Library System will do their own CIPS Filtering, as some of the Library Systems in the State of Georgia provide themselves?

A. Yes, the library has its own CIPA filtering service in place. If you have an optional CIPA filtering service, you can include that pricing as an option, but that is not required.