Teen Room

Located beside the Reference Section, our Teen Room offers a variety of services. The area is tucked near the A/V section, offering a quiet, chill place to study, work on homework, read or just hang out. Inside you will find an eight bay wall of computers exculsively for use of those between the ages of 12 and 17; an ever growing collection of the best young adult books, magazines and DVDs; video, computer and board games; as well as resources from everything ranging from college loans to the best new reads this month. Our awesome Teen Manager is available all day to help you out, should you need some assistance!


Need help with your homework?

We have many resources available to give you that extra hand in completing your homework and help you better understand the content you are learning. All available 24/7!

    Upcoming Events
  • Thomas County Public Library, North Madison Street, Thomasville, GA, USA
    Mon, Oct October 17, 2022 5:00 PM EDT
    “The book was better.” Join us for our monthly meeting of the Book2Movie Club! Each month we choose a YA book adaptation (either film or tv series), hang out and watch the show. Snacks will be present and devoured. Intended for ages 12 – 17. Speak with the teen manager, Samantha Bass, for more details.
  • Thomas County Public Library, North Madison Street, Thomasville, GA, USA
    Tue, Oct October 18, 2022 4:00 PM EDT
    Meet fellow Anime Fans near you! Come to a local Anime Meetup for fun, friends and talk about your favorite Anime/Manga artists, shows and games. Share your own art and fiction! Whatever interests you about Anime and Manga is welcome here. Intended for ages 12 – 17. Speak with teen manager, Samantha Bass, for more information.
  • Thomas County Public Library, North Madison Street, Thomasville, GA, USA
    Tue, Oct October 25, 2022 5:00 PM EDT
    Graphic novels are just like comics, kind of… Join in on our monthly meetup of the Graphic Novel Book Club. We meet up to discuss either a book we are all reading together or to chat about books we’re reading now/looking forward to getting our hands on. Make new friends and find great books in the process. Intended for ages 12 – 17. Speak with the teen manager, Samantha Bass, with any questions on how to join.

Geogia College 411

Provided by the Georgia Student Finance Commission, this website provides information about how to apply for the Hope Scholarship, information about Georgia colleges, and career planning.

Discover Yourself! Explore a career that you are interested in and want to learn more about.

DIY Projects at Home

Losing your mind and looking for some projects to try out while at home? Here are some cool DIY projects to help keep your mind right, spruce up your bedroom or future dorm room and more!

Stress Release Bottle

Frame Wall Art

Yarn Pencil Pot

Stay Fit at Home

Need some new inspiration to keep you active, looking and feeling great this summer? It can be hard to stay motivated when you are alone and unable to attend a class, so here are some great resources to get you moving!

Joe Wicks, PE With Joe

Joe Wicks is a British fitness trainer who runs a popular series for adults on YouTube. During the pandemic, Wicks began creating upbeat 30-minute workouts for families in a series called P.E. with Joe. Videos include basic exercises, stretching, and cardio activities. New videos are posted daily so there are plenty to choose from. In this video from June 3, Joe leads a routine inspired by sports played in other countries, such as kickboxing in Thailand and sumo wrestling in Japan.

Amanda Russell, All Things Fitness and Lifestyle

Amanda’s channel provides quick, intense cardio workouts in a sunny and inviting room. A fan of interval training, Russell dishes fit tips that provide her viewers with an inside scoop on tips and tricks for making the most of your workout. Strapped-for-cash students will love Russell’s video on the best workout gear under ten dollars. Effective workouts and deals? What could be better!

Tara Stiles, Yoga

Tara helps incorporate yoga into your daily routine with bedtime yoga to help promote a sense of relaxation and morning yoga for a quick rejuvenation. Videos are short, sweet, and appropriate for yoga newbies and veterans alike as an easy and fun way to make yoga practice a part of your life. Find inner peace and a newly sculpted physique after following along with Tara’s channel.

Caleb Marshall, The Fitness Marshall

Since launching his YouTube channel in October 2014, Caleb Marshall, aka "The Fitness Marshall," has been rocking some serious dance moves and motivating thousands to get into shape. His fun, upbeat videos use the latest pop hits and pair them with his own innovative and funky choreography.