Thomas County Public Library System’s Mission Statement

Thomas County Public Library System (TCPLS) provides the materials, services and facilities necessary to provide informational, recreational and cultural reading needs of Thomas County residents.

To implement the mission statement the Library has set 5 goals:

  1. The Library provides high-demand, high interest materials of a popular nature in a variety of formats to meet the educational and recreational needs of the communities.
  2. The Library provides reference materials and services that answer the information needs of the community, or provides direction to additional sources of information.
  3. The Library provides a source for ongoing education; programs and services to meet community needs; and equality of services for the residents of Thomas County.
  4. The Library collects, preserves and provides access to a variety of materials that are written by and/or about Thomas County citizens in both a current and historic context.
  5. The Library evaluates current services, performs user surveys and makes plans for new services that will meet the community's needs now and in the future.