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Used by millions of public library patrons worldwide to borrow and read thousands of eBooks, audiobooks and eMagazines.
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eReads Kids
Ebooks and audiobooks for kids in Pre-K to 4th grade.
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Over 1100 titles for grades K-6, and includes our unique animated, talking picture books, read-along chapter books, non fiction books and videos, curated playlists, as well as books in Spanish and French.
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eBooks & Audiobooks for Teenagers

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Teen Book Cloud
Over 1000 titles, including student-favorite Graphic Novels, enhanced e-books with full audio narration and highlighted text, classic literature, non fiction videos, and more.
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Accessible Resources

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Through Georgia Library Service (GLS) for the Blind and Print Disabled, the Georgia Public Library Service provides library services for individuals who are blind or whose physical abilities require the use of books and magazines in audio, braille or other adapted formats.

GLS provides vital reading materials in accessible formats.  Individuals are eligible if they are blind, have low vision, or are physically unable to hold a book and turn the page.  GLS services are also available to those with reading disabilities such as dyslexia.

Visit the GLS website or call 1-800-248-6701 for more information.

+ Georgia Library Service Informational Flyer
Two-page flyer with information about GLS.
+ Resources for the Print Impaired
Assistance for young children and parents, from Georgia Library Service.

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