Public Display Guidelines

This policy of the Thomas County Public Library System (TCPLS) is meant to establish a limited public forum for the display, distribution, and exhibit of materials from or for not-for-profit organizations. Limited display space within the library requires that materials accepted for posting, display, distribution or exhibit be governed by regulations listed below. This policy governs the use of literature distribution racks, bulletin boards, and display cases in the TCPLS, including the libraries of Boston, Coolidge, Meigs, Ochlocknee and Pavo.

Library Bulletin Boards for Public Use

Materials from or for not-for-profit organizations and/or functions may be accepted for posting or display on a space available basis. In the case of space limitations, priority will be given to events held by, endorsed or co-partnered with the libraries of the TCPLS.

Only one posting per group, individual, or event is permitted on any one public bulletin board at any one time (the same posting may appear in more than one Library facility at the same time).

The Library assumes no responsibility for the preservation or protection of materials.

Materials may be disposed of by the Library staff as needed.

Each posting must clearly show the name of the group or individual responsible for the posting on the face of the posting. Additionally, the back of the posting must clearly state the responsible person’s name and contact information. The Library Director or branch managers will not authorize posting of any bulletin that lacks this contact information.

Items from commercial or profit-making organizations will not be accepted for display or distribution. This regulation includes but is not limited to the following: advertisements from individuals for child care, tutoring, music lessons, items for sale, boutiques, and garage sales.

Items which are political in nature and items using this distribution and display opportunity solely to pray and proselytize will not be accepted for posting or display.

The Library Director or designees retain the right to refuse any material for display even if it is within the guidelines. Basis for refusal may include size, content, appearance, or space limitations.

Individual branch managers will determine when material will be posted or displayed and when it will be removed.

If in doubt as to the acceptability of material for posting, the final decision for display or distribution will rest with the Library Director.

All items to be posted by the Library must be left with the local branch library manager in order to verify that the item(s) are in compliance with this policy. Items or fliers which are faxed, emailed or sent in similar electronic fashion or via postal service will not be accepted.

TCPLS and the counties and communities that it serves do not endorse nor sponsor the organizations or activities described in announcements and fliers, displayed in the Library. The display of this material is provided as a community service.