Summer Reading Challenge 2023

Registration Begins May 30th!

Every year, across all our library branches, we host a Summer Reading Challenge for all ages. This program began as an initiative to help prevent children and teens from falling into the “summer slide” – the period of summer break between school years where they lose the knowledge gained during the previous year. Our Challenge is a month-long event that is not only educational, but fun, interactive and full of activity. This way, children keep learning even when they are not at school.

Here’s how it works!

Children’s Challenge

We like to keep thinkgs simple. We challenge children to read for 10 minutes at a time. Read whatever you want! A picture book, Harry Potter, the Captain Crunch cereal box, all that matters is that your child is reading. Simply turn that timer on your phone and have them read away! (Maybe you read together!)

There are five levels to the challenge, each a total of reading for 200 minutes. After completing each level, your child will receive a raffle ticket to enter the drawing of the prize of their choice. The higher the level, the higher the earned raffle tickets! Each completed level also earns you a mini prize. So:

  • Level 1 – 1 raffle ticket & a mini prize
  • Level 2 – 2 raffle tickets & a mini prize
  • Level 3 – 3 raffle tickets & a mini prize
  • Level 4 – 4 raffle tickets & a mini prize
  • Level 5 – 5 raffle tickets & a mini prize

Registration begins May 30th. Click here for a list of all activities.

Teen Challenge

This summer, we are offering tweens and young adults a basic challenge: To read ten (10) books in five (5) weeks. Each Book Punch Card completed earns the reader a ticket toward winning of the grand prize of their choice.

But that is not all, every 500 pages read, activity sheet completed and summer program attended earns participants a grand prize drawing ticket. So, there are several ways to play.

Registrations begins May 30th. Click here for a list of all activities.

Adult’s Challenge: Literary Bingo

It’s simple! Grab a Literary Bingo Card and complete the challenges. Create a line (or multiple lines) either vertical, horizontal or diagional to recieve a raffle ticket to the submit to the drawing of your prize of choice. Each line earns one ticket and a black-out earns 15 tickets. Complete as many Bingo cards as you wish for your chance to win from an assortment of prizes!

Registration begins May 30th. Click here for a list of all activities.