Student Play Card

The PINES Library Card Access for Youth (PLAY) program gives students free access to public library materials and online resources to help them succeed in school. Thomas County Public Library System (TCPLS) is partnered with both Thomas County Public School Systems to provide the PLAY program to students of all ages.

The public library provides free access to books and online resources to help your child succeed in school and fun resources that help develop a lifelong love of reading. Your public library is available all year long, including the summer months, and has a physical branch in every city within Thomas County.

Get ready to PLAY!


  • Search the PINES catalog of over 11 million items for books, DVDs, audiobooks and more at over 300 libraries across Georgia;
  • Access to the Online World Book Encyclopedia and nonfiction e-books;
  • Sign up for Mango languages… learn a new language;
  • Access practice test for the SAT, PSAT and many others;
  • Borrow thousands of e-books, e-magazines and audiobooks with Libby and eReads Kids;
  • And that’s just a few!

  • Pay no late fees! (fees apply only for lost or damaged items);
  • Borrow up to five (5) items (books, DVDs, audiobooks, etc.);
  • Request items from over 300 PINES libraries across Georgia for free delivery to your local library;
  • Utilize our many public computers to work, play and print;
  • Attend free storytelling, art classes, activities and special events;
  • Film on a green screen, tinker with robotics or 3D printing and more!
How do I get started?
Search the PINES catalog HERE.
How do I log into the PINES catalog with my student PLAY card?

PLAY Library Card #: 3-letter school district (XXX) followed by student ID number. (ie., TCS123456)
[TCS - County Schools | TLC - City Schools]
PLAY password: 6-digit student birth month and year (MMYYYY)

How do students check out physical materials?
Students may check out up to five (5) physical items from the Thomas County Public Library System including books, audiobooks, CDs, DVDs and family passes. Students may also request books from PINES partner libraries across the state through the PINES lending-borrowing network.
Is there a cost for a PLAY card?
No - the PLAY account and access to library resources and services is free.
What about overdue fines and fees?
There are no overdue fines, but users are responsible for fees on lost or damaged items.

Items that are overdue for longer than three (3) months are automatically changed to a status of LONG OVERDUE. The price of the item, plus an optional processing fee of up to $10, is applied to the student’s account.
What are the benefits of the PLAY program?
There are no overdue fines. Fees apply only for lost or damaged materials.

  • Students can access online resources from home, school, or the library.
  • Students can check out materials from a collection of 11 million items through the PINES network.
  • The PLAY program reduces the barriers to getting a library card by providing direct access to library services.
What else can students do at the library?
Students are always welcome at the library with or without a library card. There are after-school activities, special events, and seasonal reading programs that are free and open to all. The library also offers free and open access to library computers, internet, and quiet places to study. Students are also able to check out passes to parks and museums around the state.
What schools are included?
Thomas County School System and the Thomasville City Schools System.
Are students limited to only using libraries in their county?
No - Students can visit and use any of the 300 participating PINES partner libraries across the state, as well as any Thomas County Public Library location.
What if I want my child to have full access to the library collections?
The PLAY account allows students to borrow five (5) items at a time and have full access to online resources. If you want your child to borrow more items, you can apply for a free Thomas County Public Library PINES card at any time. Visit the library with your photo ID.
What happens when a student changes schools?
Students maintain the same PLAY account until they move outside of the school system or graduate.
What if a student already has a library card?
You can continue using the existing library card. Your PLAY account is separate and does not accrue fines.
What happens when a student graduates?
When a student graduates, their PLAY account will remain active for one year. During that time, they may visit the library in person to apply for a regular PINES library card.
What about homeschooled students?
A student can apply online for a library account for digital access only. Or visit your local library in person to apply for a library card. If under 18, a parent/guardian’s contact information and consent are required. Learn more and apply HERE.
Will parents/caregivers have access to see what their child has checked out?
Parents/caregivers will have the ability to see what is checked out on the account of a minor.
Is student information shared with the library confidential?
Yes, per Official Code of Georgia § 21-12-30(a) Confidential Nature of Certain Library Records.
What if I do not want my child to participate?
You may choose to opt-out of the program by notifying the main office at your student’s respective school or completing the form found at the Thomas County Schools website or the Thomas City Schools website.


The purpose of this program is to provide every student in the Thomas County School System (TCSS)/Thomasville City Schools (TCS) with public library card access provided by the Thomas County Public Library System (TCPLS). To this end, the parties agree to undertake the following:

  1. TCSS/TCS agrees to designate TCPLS as a school official for purposes of FERPA, and to provide access to personally identifiable student information only in accordance therewith.
  2. TCSS/TCS will provide TCPLS with the following for every student enrolled in TCSS/TCS: student ID number, first and last name, birth date, school, grade, address, phone number, and parent email address.
  3. TCPLS will integrate TCSS/TCS Student ID numbers with TCPLS/PINES Library accounts to allow every student enrolled in TCSS/TCS instant access to TCPLS databases and materials. Implementation will include training for students and staff on TCPLS's educational resources.
  4. At all times during the use or maintenance of the student information provided for in this agreement, TCPLS agrees that is subject to the direction and control of the TCSS/TCS with regard to the handling of the above-described student information.
  5. Upon the specific, written request of any parent, guardian or eligible student, TCPLS agrees to permanently destroy any student information for said student obtained under this agreement. This provision shall be inapplicable to any separately or independently created TCPLS records associated with the student.
If a parent disagrees with any of the above, they may choose to opt-out their child from access. Please click the the Opt-Out link HERE (TCSS) or HERE (TCS).
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